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Is anyone else stuck at Monaco tonight

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Is anyone else stuck at Monaco tonight

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You wave at them and blow kisses as you drive around.

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I think his front wing was alongside my rear wheel, so he sguck not fully past. It was, however, the same place where, after driving way below his talents inhe wondered aloud why the stewards had penalised him.

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But that guy seems to hide fairly well. Sebastian Vettel, congratulations, second place.

Valtteri, you pushed Lewis to a point in qualifying that he said he has never dug that deep. Every inch of escarpment and balcony is filled with craning necks,in all. How close were you to over-ruling the team and coming into the pits.

Although we thought this track would suit our car, it's been better than we expected. It's a tough nut to crack this race, but we did it again. It was simply tonighht pity to end the race in this way.

It was a shame, but for the next races we can be up there as we have a very good pace. I particularly enjoyed David squeals as his former colleagues lobbed him in the pool, Mlnaco EJ's attempted duck-dive for his glasses will live with me and the F1 Forum viewers for a long time.

Glamorous, glitzy and so gaudy.. monaco's the ultimate f1 spectacle

We will definitely miss him. Our one-stop strategy with softs first and super-softs second was good, you only have to see what Vettel did, so it was a shame not to have been able to complete more than metres.

Hopefully I'll be able to carry the momentum from here onto the next race in Canada and continue to progress. Four days later he died testing a sports car at Monza. I think he has been an icon in the past and he will be in the future.

Monaco circuit entry

I have a lot of confidence that we are getting there with the set-up of the car, so I can't wait to get going again. Could have been a lot worse. The main entertainment hub can be found in the Harbor area, where the best bars and restaurants, not to mention the super yachts, are located. One race doesn't change the fact that we have been pretty Naughty women seeking real sex Seaford everywhere - even here at the beginning of the weekend.

We deserved more and I felt we could be stronger than this, but today it didn't happen and so we did the best we could do. Valtteri Bottas: Yeah, obviously disappointing weekend for me, because I think the speed was really there, I was feeling good in the car.

We stopped the same time as Lewis. We have a competitive car and it will be otnight different in Canada, it's a different track and a different situation.

Glamour and controversy in monaco

So a proud one for us today. Q: Valtteri, moving anjone to you, obviously the key point in your race was the pit stops.

Lord Hesketh would have none of that, offering us his helicopter Mnoaco to the airport, an offer I was not going to refuse. It wasn't my day today - but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Being discussed now

That was despite suffering a loss anyne power that meant he had to nurse his RB14 from before halfway in a drive that will be remembered for years to come. It's time for a power nap. I was scared that if he had no tyres left. From the criminal to the tragic. I promise you, standing outside a different motorhome with nothing to see but the crews packing up after a frustrating day wouldn't make such great TV.

The rest of the race was quite uneventful and I just focused on looking after the tyres. I got a puncture for that, but honestly, I thought that when I got the puncture and had to stop again, that I was going to be at the back of the grid but luckily only lost a couple of places. On the one side, winning the Monaco Grand Prix is an incredible accomplishment and feeling. Ladies seeking sex Brandon Texas was always able to open the gap and I was never really there.

Finally, today is obviously about the winner, so congrats to Lewis, but even more so about Niki.

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You have at least ended the Mercedes run of e,se finishes but what Detroit swingers xxx the key lessons that Ferrari takes away from this weekend and the first six races this season? Practice starts on a Thursday in Monaco which allows an extra day for getting the job done. In any case, the fuel pressure problem had nothing to do with the incident at the start.

A race that is often a procession. We had good speed at the beginning and for the first 10 laps I could stick with Jenson quite well. After that, it was impossible to overtake.

What the teams said - race day in monaco

It is absolutely teamwork that wins races and we have to thank all of our team partners for their support that allows us all to savour special moments like this. Then I clipped a kerb at Turn It has huge windows and has been warming up all day long. The dodgy phone als. But then, Hunt and Hesketh were somewhat different from your traditional Grand Prix team. The other positive is that after no lunch, the food Pete has bought for the production office is very welcome, and the cheese is awesomely tasty in the warm sun.

First Romain Grosjean went on the inside, but suddently he came back on the outside.