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Sydney events: open air cinema Bacardi, Smirnoff Sydney events: music festivals Why do we drink? Why do non-Aboriginal Australians drink so much? Is it to forget the violent and abhorrent past no-one likes to know, or talk, about? The massacres, rapes, pillages? Can you find evidence for this theory? Aboriginal people drink less than white people Many Australian health surveys have shown that most Aboriginal people are less likely than non-Aboriginal Australians to consume alcohol, a trait they share with indigenous peoples in Canada and New Zealand.

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They should have done their job. In the three days of hearings in Tennant Creek, his patience was tested by the family's barrister, who was trying to make a case that institutional racism was to blame for the continued failings of Borrolpola NT Police. The police took forensic samples from the dead woman, and then somehow destroyed them before they were examined.

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Financial problems Theft or crime which is much higher for Aboriginal people than for white people. Search properly, found other evidence.

For Aboriginal drinkers the pattern is reversed. We asked them nicely to help us but they didn't.

Sasha Green died in Tennant Creek in from a stab wound to her thigh. These develop during the first trimester - before many women know they're pregnant. But his frustrations boiled over when police gave evidence of how Sasha Green's forensic samples had been destroyed.

No-one from the NT Police was available to be interviewed for this story. Mothers often have no idea they are damaging their unborn children, as FASD wasn't talked about at that time.

FAS is an affliction across all cultures and not exclusive to Aboriginal people. Neighbourhood kids come and go, but every time someone walks into the yard and leaves the gate open, it is quietly closed.

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The average age of death from an alcohol-related cause is about 35 [46]. Even the coroner seemed to have grown weary with the cycle of police failing, then apologising.

Frustration that their problems are still not solved, their voice is still unheard, self-determination still a work in progress. The detective applied for a major crime declaration for the case, which would have dramatically increased the resources for the investigation, and also demanded the oversight of an assistant commissioner. This requires healing, but people use alcohol to numb the feelings which follow childhood abuse, racism, violence or bullying.

But the reality is that a smaller percentage of Aborigines drink alcohol than do other Australians. Qatar-based and government-owned hour English-language news and current affairs TV channel Al Jazeera English reports from the isolated town of Halls Creek. Separation of family. Alcohol serves as drumk way to escape tensions and frustrations resulting from poverty, unemployment, discrimination, racism, boredom or dislocation.

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Drinking is escape. ABC News: Mitchell Woolnough Mistakes repeated a decade later But while reviews were done and recommendations implemented, 10 years later the police made virtually almost all the same mistakes. And less Aboriginal people drink at risky levels.

Women in particular are already volunteering to give up their right to buy alcohol to avoid pressure from family to buy it for them. Police realised that the accidental drowning theory didn't stack up, and that they were about to be called to.

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Frequency of drinking in percent of urban population. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey The chart above shows that across all age groups in the gey risk group fewer Aboriginal people drink alcohol than non-Indigenous people. Why do non-Aboriginal Australians drink so much? Some Aboriginal people never receive any treatment because of this [47]. Combining both systems means that individuals must have clearance from both the banned drinkers register and the Borroloolla permit system if they want to buy alcohol.

Consequences of Aboriginal alcohol consumption Aboriginal people who excessively consume alcohol often face one or more of the following consequences: Death due to alcoholic liver cirrhosis or suicide. You make sure that kids are born with alcohol fetal syndrome, they won't be able to pass on the Dreamtime and the culture.

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The senior ranks were not spared the coroner's wrath, either. I was a sole parent, I felt discrimination in trying to get a house for myself and the children, I had a lot of anger inside and I turned to alcohol. Adults neglect their children as alcohol becomes best hookers dulmen main focus.

Aboriginal people are more than twice as susceptible to alcohol-induced crime.

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Why Aboriginal people drink As shown above, Aboriginal peoples are less likely to drink alcohol than other Australians. Another Aboriginal community, Oombulgurri, in the Kimberley in north-east Western Giel, became a dry community in November after the suicide of five Aboriginal people.

It is also commonly known as 'getting smashed' or 'drinking giirl get drunk'. Alcohol damages the developing child and its main target is the brain.

Traditional rules for behaviour around alcohol are no longer observed. Women often hesitate to report violent men for fear of yet more deaths in custody. Why should I? Can you find evidence for this theory?

Aboriginal alcohol consumption

Disadvantages of a ban After 10 years of various types of alcohol restrictions, from completely dry to restricted purchase, mayors from Queensland Aboriginal communities in concluded that alcohol management plans were not working [63]. A of officers were called to explain their actions to the coroner. Adrianne Raggett believes the police didn't look into the death of her nephew properly because they were Aboriginal. ABC News: Steven Schubert The coroner didn't accept that in his findings, because it wasn't raised until late in the hearings and wasn't put to the appropriate police officers, telegraphing, perhaps, how a finding of institutional racism could be made in any similar inquests.

The Kimberley communities of Yakanarra and Bayulu announced grog bans in April [58]. Trauma is a major contributor to alcohol abuse.